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San Marco Jacksonville FL Area Guide

San Marco is one of Jacksonville's trendiest areas. San Marco Square's boutiques and bookstores, gift shops and gathering places bring residents from all over Jacksonville. Just south of Downtown and just across river, there's something for every budget, from the upscale, Matthew's restaurant, to Thai Bistro with live entertainment, to a much more casual collection - pizza, sandwiches and, of course, the inevitable Starbucks. Much of San Marco lies directly on the St. Johns, and there are some amazing massive mansions on the banks of the river, but there are many more affordable homes just a few blocks away. These charming colonials and bungalows dot the tree-lined San Marco streets. The nationally known San Marco movie theatre and the Playhouse theatre for the performing arts are located in the heart of San Marco Square. The San Marco theatre is an award winning cinema house, and a great diversion from the run of the mill multiplex. It's an art house setting, playing the new releases and a smattering of classic and cult films. The San Marco theatre is a combination bar/restaurant/cinema where guests can enjoy a glass of wine, beer, subs and pizza while enjoying the movie.


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