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Arlington Jacksonville FL Area Guide The history of the area we call Arlington goes back to the 1500's, when it was discovered some intrepid French adventurers who fortified the coast with their Fort Caroline in 1564-1565. Nowadays, it's Fort Caroline National Memorial Park. Not until after the civil war did Arlington open up the floodgates of residential developments, which were gradually absorbed into the Jacksonville community as it grew. The real blossoming of Arlington can be attributed, in large part, to the construction of the Matthews Bridge. Just over the bridge from Arlington, you'll find the massive "Jacksonville Sports Complex," which encompasses NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars stadium (now called Everbank Field), the Baseball park, as well as the Jacksonville arena, which plays host to large scale concerts, and Metropolitan Park, home to the annual Jacksonville Jazz Festival. Jacksonville University, a major private Florida four year institution, is located in Arlington's northern section, situated on the St. Johns River.

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